Simon's Tip - Swing your Swing

"As a teaching professional for over 25 years I've seen many weird and wonderful swings. During this time I've always been asked, should I grip the club weaker? or set up closer/further away from the ball?
"Yet, the answer is not as simple as yes.. just make that grip neutral or try to get the swing on plane to emulate the textbook golf swing. 
"Many of us have tendencies that we've developed during our time playing this game which bring us consistency and ultimately the enjoyment in playing golf. It's my job as a coach to see how you use your tendencies to hit the ball and advise you accordingly.
"For example, a player swings the club out to in, but the clubhead impacts the ball closed. If they match up, the player can hit the ball straight.
"So what does this mean for you? you will all have your tendencies. And it's our jobs as coaches to get the most out of your swing. We can't all have the textbook swing, the perfect grip but we can reduce bad shots and get the consistency to shoot the best possible score out of your swing.