Custom Fit - FAQ's

 Custom fitting is the process of tailoring golf clubs to the individual. There are a range of shafts with different flexes, kick points and weights that can affect performance. In addition, altering head options, degrees of loft, lie angle and even arranging the make-up of set can make the most   out of your golf game.



 No! Custom clubs are the same price as ‘off the shelf’ clubs, and you benefit from the clubs being right for you. Brands have a whole host of options that are the same price as standard sets.




Everyone can benefit, from beginners through to Tour Professionals. At Ultimate Golf, we concentrate on the bad shots as much as the good ones. Seeing a golfers swing tendencies are vital to fitting the right clubs. We need to optimise the good shots and make the bad shots less damaging to your score on the golf course.



Everything through the golf bag, Drivers to putters and even golf balls! If we were looking at a driver for example, the key metrics are Launch angle and Spin, depending on your swing speed your launch will vary to get you the most distance, and your spin should be around 2100-2700 (rpm) dependant on club head speed.



It’s very important to understanding the individual’s needs alongside metrics on the launch monitor. We have to find a club/set where the numbers perform well, and the golfer has confidence in the club(s).
We like to see how the customer performs with their current clubs and what they’d like to see from their new ones. We’ll then gain static measurements to provide a suitable setup. Following this, using the launch monitor we determine club head speed and launch to help with the shaft flex, kick points and weight of shaft that performs optimally for the customer.
During our discussions we can find a head as forgiving as we need to suit what the golfer needs. It is so important that the head and shaft work as a pair and perform for the customer.
When fitting irons or wedges it is impo rtant to get the correct lie angle as this has a big impact on the ball flight. We will also look at the make-up of the customers set to ensure they don’t have any unnecessary gaps in distances that could hinder their golf game.



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